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Niels Walta's LiveJournal ramblings

The collected non-hardcover edition!

Niels Walta
16 March 1983
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Things I've done here on LiveJournal:
The Neurologically Typical Support Group is there for all those who are neurologically challenged. Do you suffer from the delusion that things are supposed to go a certain way? Find it normal to question things out of the ordinary or assume things about other people? You are not alone.

"Redline This!" is a community for all artists seeking immediate help with their drawings. Things such as anatomy problems are immediately tackled and all that is asked is to just give a little help to others in return.

The Mashed Taters community is there for all your mash-up needs. Members highlight their own personal favorite mash-ups and talk about local raves is encouraged. And if you've got a mash-up to share post the link.

isLove Generator
An apparently very popular piece of code, which will automatically generate a personalized islove-banner for you. There's a relevant LJ-thread for it, located here, where you can leave comments, suggestions and complaints.

Antipixel-mood theme
As people requested the mood icons I use, I've put a package up containing all the icons and instructions. You can download it from this entry, and leave a comment there as well, if you wish.