New Fluxx promo cards coming!

Eeh! I get all giddy and excited when anything Fluxx is happening. And, as usual, we can look forward to another pack of promo cards being launched at Origins 2007. Because 2007 also marks Fluxx' 10th anniversary the promo card pack is going to be quite a whopper: 7 cards in total, of which you can see a preview at this page. The interesting thing is it also seems to mark the introduction of the first Creeper, as was announced for the forthcoming Zombie Fluxx. The Creeper is so far only described as a Keeper you don't want but have to play anyway. But how will it influence actual game play? Well, at least it seems we'll find out sooner than expected! This will help us prepare for when the day comes where zombies take over our card game with ever-changing rules.

In the meantime if you happen to pass by Origins 2007 (you lucky bastard, you!) don't forget to attend the Big Experiment #8 organized by Looney Labs.
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StarCraft II Unveiled!
We're pleased to announce our latest project: StarCraft II! The epic interplanetary battle between the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg will take on new dimensions in this sequel to the classic real-time strategy original. With new units and functionality for each race, upgrades to several familiar units, and a powerful 3D engine that supports explosive fast-paced combat between massive armies, StarCraft II will be the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game.

Highlights of StarCraft II include:

* Tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game
* New units and gameplay mechanics that further distinguish the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg races
* An all-new 3D engine that supports fast-paced play with realistic physics, massive units, and massive army sizes
* A groundbreaking single-player campaign that continues the epic StarCraft story
* A powerful map editor that puts the tools used by the game's designers into the hands of players

We'll be revealing much more information about our plans for StarCraft II in the months ahead, so please stay tuned to for the latest updates. In the meantime, you can check out the announcement press release here for further details.

Surprise! ... kinda... not really. Kind of saw it coming. But yay anyway! :)
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Dude, where's my Spore?

In a conference call to discuss today's financial results, EA said that Will Wright's highly anticipated evolution sim, Spore, is no longer in the company's plans for the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2008. Most in the industry had expected the game to be released later this year, perhaps in time for the holiday shopping season.

Release: somewhere, some time...
Source: GameDaily BIZ
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Zombie Fluxx officially announced

Yes, it's Fluxx... with Zombies! The newest Fluxx features a new type of card: The Creeper. It's like a Keeper you don't want but must play anyway, and it usually stops you from winning. The good news is, Zombie Fluxx also includes a bunch of Keepers you can use as weapons against the Zombie-Creepers, including the Shotgun, the Chainsaw, and the Can of Gasoline. Plus you've got Sandwiches and Coffee and a couple of Friends to help you win. The bad news is, if your Friends become Zombies, you'll have to destroy them. Welcome to the dark side of Fluxx!

Release: fall 2007
Preview: Ask Andy for this week
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Understanding Games

The Independent Gaming Source has a nice post about a series of Flash videos about gaming concering... oh well, just look for yourself in this post. Explaining the basics of games and gameplay by playing some mini-games. Excellent productions, in my honest opinion.
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Looney Labs Earth Day EcoFluxx special

Hey kids, another special offer from Looney Labs:

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we're having a special deal on EcoFluxx. Get $2 off, and a free Earth promo card - and choose 5, 25 or 100 free EcoPledge cards to hand out to friends or at Earth Day events. Spread the word! Help take care of the Earth!

That's a nice Earth-minded Fluxx deal for $10 (excl. shipping). Check it out!
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