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Fluxx - Jij bepaalt de regels!

PS-Games' Fluxx PS-Games' Fluxx
Dutch version of the popular card game.

It's been a while since I have posted about Fluxx coming to The Netherlands. It seems PS-Games has put up a product page now and we should be expecting the localized version somewhere this month!

A few things are notable about what's been posted on that page. For starters they're seemingly going with the German's version's redesign, which in my opinion is a shame. I would have loved to see a localized version which was compatible with the original version (and its expansions) instead. Even if it were just to be able to mix it all up. The original design also looked simpler; one could say that it emphasized how simple the game's mechanics were, making it more inviting to play. And furthermore I believe the original design more easily lend itself to expansions. Would it not have been great to just order some existing Blanxx and add those? Had the design stayed the same the pre-printed English text wouldn't have mattered much. And it would be especially attractive seeing as new sets of Blanxx have been made available!

On the other hand translating from German to Dutch could've also played a part in choosing this design, which makes it understandable. I've pondered a lot about how to translate certain cards myself so it seems only logical that they've chosen to work from a version already close to the target language.

Lastly there's mention of the flow of the game, which is the most interesting part. There has been lots of talk lately on the Fluxx-mailinglist regarding this. It was discussed in length whether or not the player had to draw, play and discard in order. With Andrew Looney pointing out that most hand-limit cards explicitly stated that a player could discard before playing people were questioning the order of drawing and playing as well. Ultimately most of the people agreed to disagree and decided it was always best to follow house-rules.
But now the Dutch edition is coming out and lo and behold it states there is an order to be followed. One can find the list in the middle of the page and loosely translated it says the following:

If it's your turn you have to do the following in order whilst abiding the rules:
1. Draw
2. Play
3. Discard according to hand-limit
4. Discard according to keeper-limit

Not only does it specifically tell you to follow this order of drawing first and then playing, it also states when to follow the hand-limit and keeper-limit. This of course contradicting what Andy has said earlier. I've just double checked and the German edition follows this same order of play, so obviously this comes from translating said version.
I can't check the cards as I'm at work right now but I'm curious whether or not this was specifically done because of how the text on the cards themselves was translated. Or it may very well be that Amigo-Spiele and as such PS-Games wants us all to "play nice" and stop being evil bastards to each other, ruining our fun in the process. :p
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